"You are 18, and you feel like you are invincible...

Dear me


You are 18, and you feel like you are invincible. It feels like you could take on the entire world with no fear of getting hurt. Then you find yourself becoming a young wife, and mother. New fears, and responsibilities make room into your heart, and you are not sure how to do this. Life has become more beautiful than you ever imagined it could be. Just as you have begun to be comfortable, and fallen into a pattern life rears its ugly head, and you are drowning in debt. Your husband loses job after job. You are taking loan after loan from the bank. Just when it feels you are getting back on track something else knocks you back down again. Somewhere in the midst of the chaos you have forgotten to trust in the one sure thing that has always gotten you through. You have forgotten how to have faith, and trust in the unknown. You have forgotten to simply just PRAY. 

Dear me may you remember that faith can move mountains. May you remember to trust in your God who has seen you through every difficulty life has thrown. May you trust he will get you through this small moment in time just like he has pulled you through every time before. Have patience that things will work out in the time that they are meant to. Have trust in yourself that you are strong enough to get through ANYTHING! 

Dear me just simply have faith once again.

Love me